Norco Factory Racing

Todd Schumlick, owner/directer of PerformX, has 25+ years experience as a “trainer” (physical fitness, nutrition, rehab and mental development), including kinesiology, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, and more certifications. He’s been a Red Bull contracted trainer for motocross and downhill mountain bike athletes since 2008. His motocross/snocross athletes have included Blair Morgan, Jean-Sebastian Roy, Sean Hamblin, Heidi Cooke, Doug DeHaan, Shawn Maffenbeier, Colton Facciotti, Tim Tremblay, Kaven Benoit, and many more. His mountain bike athletes have included Steve Smith, Aaron Gwin, Richie Rude, Catharine Pendrel, Sam Blenkinsop, Brook MacDonald, Finn Iles, George Brannigan, Emmeline Ragot, Marcelo Gutierrez, Joe Smith, Josh Carlson, Mark Wallace, Remi Garuvin, Miranda Miller, Casey Brown and many more. He has assisted athletes through multiple national and world championships in various action sports, and is arguably the most successful trainer int eh sport of motocross, mountain biking, and snocross to date.