About Todd Schumlick of PerformX:


  • Throughout my 20 years as a “trainer”, I hold Kinesiology and Sports Nutrition certifications, along with multiple conditions certificates. (Note: “Trainer” includes all aspects of physical fitness, nutrition, rehab, and mental development.)
  • Red Bull contracted trainer for motocross and downhill mountain bike athletes since 2008.
  • National motocross athletes over past 13 years:  Blair Morgan, Jean-Sebastian Roy, Sean Hamblin, Heidi Cooke, Doug DeHaan, and more.  Assisted 17 national championships.
  • Current National motocross athletes:  KTM Red Bull Canadian National motocross team (including 6 years assisting Colton Facciotti), Rockstar Yamaha rider Shawn Maffenbeier, and 4 other top national amateurs.
  • Current World Cup downhill mountain bike athletes:  Steve Smith, Aaron Gwin, Sam Blenkinsop, Brook MacDonald, George Brannigan, Emmeline Ragot, Mark Wallace, Remi Gauvin, Kyle Sangers, Miranda Miller, Casey Brown, Richie Rude, Lorenzo Suding, Harry Heath, Zakarias Johansen, Jack Iles and Josh Carlson (Enduro).
  • Director/Owner of the PerformX downhill teams.
  • World Cup Team:  Micayla Gatto, Remi Gauvin, and Kyle Sangers.
  • Development Team:  Sebastian Lutz, Jayson Giorio, and Luke Stevens.
  • Director/owner of the PerformX California Camp, offering both motocross and downhill mountain bike development.

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